Over time I have learned how to navigate some of lifes' challenges.

Born in Bristol. I grew up and worked in the city. Educated at an ordinary level of education, I left school at 16 gaining employment in the photographic field. Later, I became a part-time youth worker in Bristol before going on to Leicester Polytechnic to train full-time in Community and Youth Work Studies. For the next 18 years or so, I worked in youth work at various locations around England, and overseas. 

Following volunteer experience with the Samaritans I was so fulfilled by this experience, I decided to go forward and train in one to one counselling. Completing my first level of training in Oxford I entered paid counselling work with an agency in that town and became a counsellor to people with alcohol and drug related problems. I also worked with family members and friends. Over 20 years and at diploma level, I have worked in many and various settings as a counsellor. However, at the age of 57 I reviewed my life situation as I have done from time to time and went on to seek a further challenge and new direction; I decided a change to my future direction and took courage (it took me some time to decide) and choose to give up a fairly secure career pathway to go to university; undertaking an academic degree with Plymouth University. I studied an honours degree in Combined Social Science and moved to Cornwall. Completing my studies and at age of 60, I stood as candidate for election as President of the Cornwall College Students’ Union. I successfully won two terms of office (maybe the oldest SU president in the UK?). 

Following this extraordinary experience I moved back to Bristol. Over the last two years I worked with a local FE College offering skills training. I then wanted to be more independent and therefore have set up The Driftwood Counselling Service: with an office based in central Bristol. 

I have three grown-up children and two grandchildren, I have been divorced twice (see – no one’s perfect!). Like so many others, I have needed to overcome the challenges of life. I did this through my own work but with the help of others - such as counsellors. I have always believed that my career work was most effective when I used my skills in the support of others. Through my own life experience both the positive and the negative bits; through my learning in meditation and contemplation, I feel that I have something really helpful that will contribute understanding and help others work through some of their own challenge. I developed Driftwood Counselling with a belief and trust in myself - what I believe I can to do to help other souls get themselves back on more solid emotional ground. No magic wands - just humanity.


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